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Classy Bangalore Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

If you're looking for one best place that will satisfy all your carnal urges and become a one-stop destination for your escorts needs, Classy Bangalore escorts is the place to be.

We are serving various diverse and varied clients from across the country for many years now and thus, we exactly understand our clients needs and experience.

Whether you're looking for a quick hot sex session, or a rather super romantic evening Experience with some of the hottest escorts in Bangalore, we are your best place.

Here are a few privacy and policy statements that you should know about before you proceed with your bookings with us. Feel free to get in touch with one of our agents for any queries and they'll be very happy to share information with you and clear your concerns.

#1 - Your privacy and safety is our top priority

We understand that your privacy and safety is very important, and thus it is always our top priority. We will ensure that your safety is fully taken care of. All our escorts at Classy Bangalore escorts are safe and healthy.

We do not leak or sell out your private information to any other agencies. We always keep it a private thing. This is not only true for our VIP clients or High profile clients, but also to every other client we have on here.

#2 - You can talk to our escorts before you make a booking

With some categories like independent escorts in Bangalore or call girls escorts services in Bangalore, we provide you with an option of connecting with our escorts before you even make a booking. This will make you understand the feel of our escorts even before you have met them.

Besides, you can always talk about your specific needs or demands in case if you any, and our escorts will be prepared to carry them out for you. Their numbers will be shared with you after you complete the booking with us.

#3 - You get what you see on the profiles

Classy Bangalore Escorts is a reputed place to find the best and hottest escorts services in Bangalore. We provide the exact same profiles that you look at on the website.

What you see is what you get. Thus, you can trust us that were genuine and you'll get just what you booked. The private information of our escorts may not be revealed for security purposes, but once you make a booking, you can get their phone numbers in case you want to talk to them even before they come to your place.

#4 - Bookings will be confirmed and you can expect your escorts at your place, after the payment has been made

Once the payment has been completed, you will get a confirmation on the booking made, and after that, you can expect our escorts in your place. You should share your address details with our escorts and they'll reach your place as soon as possible.

Classy Bangalore Escorts Terms and conditions page

Classy Bangalore Escorts is the most trusted agency by many modern men in Bangalore to satisfy their carnal urges. We're a one stop solution for all your varied escorts needs - be it call girls in Bangalore, Independent escorts in Bangalore, high profile escorts in Bangalore or more.

Here are our general terms and conditions. Please do get in touch with our team to answer your questions or any other concerns.

#1 - Our escorts services are available 24*7, but sometimes few profiles may not be available

As a general rule, Classy Bangalore escorts provides top notch escorts services during all times of the day and on all days of a week. However, if you want to book it during late hours, you might have to limit down your choices from the profiles and wait for our team to get back to you on the availability of these escorts at a time you have requested for.

#2 - Our escorts are open-minded and adventurous, you can communicate your needs in advance

If you have specific needs or demands that you want our escorts to fulfill for you, you should communicate about it to us in advance so that we can make all the necessary arrangements that are needed to carry out your experience.

They're open-minded and adventurous, but sometimes they might have their restrictions and thus, it is best you set your expectations clear so that only the ones who can carry it out will come to visit you.

#3 - You can chat with our escorts before they visit you, after the booking

If you want to chat with our escorts before they visit your place so that you can check if you'll feel comfortable with them, you will be needed to complete the booking with us. Only after the booking is completed, we'll be able to share the details of their contact numbers that you can reach out to them.

#4 - We hold the right to cancel any bookings in case of violations of our policies

We have rights to cancel the bookings in case we find that you're violating our policies or aren't respecting the platform. All our clients co-operate with us in keeping the private details of our escorts private, and in also ensuring the full safety processes.

In case of any violations of these, we hold rights to cancel the bookings. You can get in touch with the team to know more about policies and terms which we do not expect our clients to violate.

#5 - The escorts are to be respected and treated with dignity

Finally, we ask all of our clients to treat our escorts with respect and dignity. They are more than happy and willing to carry out your sexual fantasies, but you should tell them about it in advance so that they are very well prepared for it and thus, you'll also be able to get a delightful experience.

We request all our clients to not abuse the services offered by our escorts and have a smooth, good experience with them.

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